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COM 200 Week 4 Quiz
 All questions and Correct Answers!!!!
Which sentence is the best paraphrase of the statement, “I might
as well drop out of school; I failed another test today.”
All of the following are true of what typically occurs when
first meeting someone EXCEPT:
Which of the following is NOT one of the stages of
Bill says, “I would never join a fraternity. All the members do
is party and play games.” Bill’s statement is an example of a:
Bob and Jerry have known each other since high school, roomed
together in college, and now have landed their first jobs in
suburbs of the same city. They are ecstatic! Bob says: “I am so
happy we will be close enough geographically to continue sharing
important happenings in our lives. I look forward to meeting other
friends so that we can continue our pick-up games on Saturdays
too.” Bob’s communication with Jerry reflects which of the
The most basic underlying reason we establish relationships is
Which of the following statements are true regarding how
relationships develop?
Communicating assertively requires a person to do all of the
following EXCEPT:
Dale, a minister, and his wife, Jan, had plans for a “date
night.” An emergency arose with a congregational member. Dale calls
Jan saying, “I know how much we were both looking forward to our
time alone tonight. I just heard from Bill that his wife is
expected to pass away before morning and he has asked that I be
with him and Lois. I hate to disappoint you–could we move our date
night to Friday?” Dale’s response is an example of:
Donna and Mike have struggled lately to understand each other.
As their wedding approaches, Donna fears they have fundamental
differences which may strain their marriage if the issues are not
addressed. As they finish dinner, Donna says, “Mike, I am afraid
that our differences about which church to support as a married
couple may create hard feelings between us. Will you talk about our
differences with me?” Donna’s statement is an example of:


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