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Length: 450 to 550 words
Citations: none
Possible points: 15

To gain the most points possible, be sure you read the instructions carefully and provide a thoughtful analysis and examples!

 Review: Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love in your textbook (Berger, Kathleen S. (2011). The Developing Person through the Lifespan. Worth drafters: NY, NY. 9 th Edition ISBN: 9781429283816) and review it here:

Think:  In books, films, or TV shows, look for examples of characters that share one of the possible types of love that Sternberg’s theory describes.  It is acceptable to choose multiple characters from the same story. Do this for at least FIVE different types of love.

· Briefly explain Sternberg’s theory (3 points)
· For each of the FIVE fictional examples you found, write what “type” of love you think the characters have, and then explain how the developmental characteristics of the couple may be connected to the type of love they demonstrate according to Sternberg. (2 points for each type that is completely described in developmental terms, see example below – total 10 points).
For example: Romeo and Juliet may be considered an infatuation stage couple – passion but no commitment or intimacy (remember that intimacy in this context means closeness and really knowing the other person, not sex, that’s part of “passion”). How does the fact that they are teenagers explain the intensity of this infatuation and how far they are willing to go to keep it? Would two adults with the same degree of infatuation behave the same way?  Using cognitive, emotional, or social development examples, explain why or why not?

· Finally, share a sentence of two about your opinion of Sternberg’s model of love.  No answer is wrong but a very short or non-committal answer won’t receive credit ( eg: “It’s fine.” – no credit!) (2 points).

APA style


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