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I have attached the full assignment of week 9 in the word document. If this interaction is very busy for you see, please open the word document I have attached.
Discussion 9.1: Cultural Sensitivity
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What did you learn that you can apply?
Read Chapter 7, “Cultural Sensitivity,” pages 223 – 251. In the discussion, you are expected to produce evidence-based writing using principles from the required reading.
As you discuss concepts about cultural sensitivity, intertwine your own insights and experiences.
By speaking from your own voice, you enhance your thinking and writing skills. You also bring more value to your readers by discussing how you apply the principles in your everyday activities.
Start a new thread for your substantial posting: due Thursday evening.
Make 4 or more discussion comments: due Saturday night.
Week 9 Writing Assignment: Denial Letter
Letter of Denial | Direct or Indirect Letter Style
For this assignment, you are the manager responding to the complaint letter that you wrote for the week 7 writing assignment.
Scenario: You are a manager, and you must now deny a customer’s request for returning an item past your 30-day return policy.
Your job would be easy if you could comply with all customer requests. However, your company/store has experienced financial hardship lately; their profit margin is low, and it does not take much loss to go from the black into the red. In addition, upper management is not convinced that most requests are valid because of numerous instances of customer abuse.
As a result, your employer has a rigid 30-day return policy. As the manager of the store, you often have customers testing this policy, trying to return items later than 30 days and without a receipt.
As the manager, you are in the middle. Certainly, you do not want to lose any customer’s business, but you also must report all sales and returns to your corporate office. Accepting returns unnecessarily could put your job in jeopardy. Obviously, these are not details that you would share with a customer. In addition, your company has a strict policy against using the word “policy,” as customers can have a bad reaction to that word.
However, you do have some leeway in other types of benefits that you can offer your customers. Apply your critical thinking skills as you deny your customer’s request for returning the item. What other solutions are available? Is there a way to turn this into a win-win situation?
For this assignment, create a letterhead for the company that you represent. In addition to well-written communication, format your letter correctly, keeping the following in mind:
Use blocked style (as shown in your text).
Use Times New Roman, size 12, font.
Use correct punctuation after the salutation and the recommended closing for formal letters.
Set your paragraph controls at “0” and single spacing and follow spacing guidelines in your text.
Use correct vertical spacing (to see blank lines resulting from hard returns, click on the paragraph symbol icon in your toolbar—when you space down twice, you should see only one paragraph symbol).
If you use the paragraph function, make sure to turn it off before you turn your work in: just click the icon again, and the paragraph symbols will disappear.
Use the print preview option to make sure your formatting looks balanced.
Week 9 Process Message
Submitting a text entry box
Hi class,
The quality of your writing continues to improve, which involves stretching beyond your comfort zone to face the uncertainty and discomfort involved in learning.
On any assignment, identify the principles that apply and shape your work accordingly. For example, for a complaint letter, your text states clearly to start out on on a positive tone, even when you are complaining. Now this week, you will write a denial letter. What does your text say about responding to a complaint? Apply theory to practice, and you build critical thinking skills: though some learning is intuitive, guessing does not improve the quality of your thinking or your results.
You are living in a world that is moving at warp speed. By moving forward with strong skills, you will be prepared to face those challenges. Whenever you feel your confidence diminishing, do the work and you will feel better immediately.
I look forward to reading your process message in which you discuss your approach to writing this week’s denial letter, along with anything else you would like to share.
Learning is a process, and you will always have growing edges and challenges:
The best way to deal with them is to embrace them.
Enjoy your week.
Professor Young


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