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I have to write a critique on the following article:
What’s a Critique?
• A critique is a “formal evaluation [that offers your] judgment of a text—whether the reading was effective, in effective, valuable, or trivial.” In the critique, “your goal is to convince readers to accept your judgments concerning the quality of the reading” based on specific criteria you have established.
• Remember that a critique is comprised of many integrated parts: introduction to the article and author, introduction to and brief background on the general topic, brief summary properly placed in the essay, a discussion of the criteria chosen for evaluation, a discussion of the criteria using specific examples/information from the text (this discussion should be the largest section of your essay by far!!), and a conclusion. All of these items should relate to your overall evaluation/thesis of the text.
• Keep in mind that your audience is college-educated adults, but instead of reading the original text for themselves, they are relying on your essay for their information.
• Your critique will be evaluated on how well you introduce the text, author, and subject, how accurately you summarize the original text, how you integrate your summarized material into the essay, how clearly you establish your thesis and criteria, how thoroughly and fairly you discuss your criteria, how you manage/organize all of this around a clear and arguable evaluation/thesis, how you react personally to the original text, and how you conclude your essay.
The Assignment:
• For this assignment, you are asked to critique the article assigned to you in class.
• Even though outside research is not required for this assignment, you are critiquing a source of information; therefore, a “Works Cited” page is required for this assignment.
• Here are the general parts/elements of a critique that should be apparent in your essay:
o Introduction of the text’s title, author(s), purpose, audience, AND thesis
o Statement of your overall analysis in the form of a clear and arguable thesis that controls the essay
o Properly/effectively placed summarization (summary should be only about 20% of the essay’s total length)
o Clearly listed criteria for analysis
o Clear, developed, & balanced discussion of criteria
o Statements that connect your points of analysis to your thesis
o Logical organization
o Effective transitions
o Conclusion
o Use of your own words
o Use of well-chosen textual passages (quotes and paraphrases)
o Use of third-person voice and present tense (e.g., “Author X points out that…” or “She asserts that…”)
Essay Submission Guidelines:
• The finished submitted draft should be four to five pages (4-5) pages (any essay that does not meet the minimum page requirement will not receive a passing grade).
• The finished submitted draft must be word-processed or typed, double-spaced on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper with one-inch (1″) margins on all sides.
• Please follow MLA title-page, essay format, and citing sources guidelines.
• please use a standard font and type size, 12-point Times New Roman.
• No handwritten, sloppily presented, or late work will be accepted.


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