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M6 Evaluation Essay Rough Draft
As discussed in Module 6, your assignment is to use the writing process to compose a 3-5 page evaluation essay about As discussed in Module 5, your assignment is to use the writing process to compose a 3-5 page evaluation essay about a product, service, restaurant, retail store, program, event, place, or organization about which you want express a judgment. Don’t just rush through your topic selection process; put some thought into it. If you choose a topic that is interesting to you and that you have ready access to, researching and writing the essay will be much easier.
Before You Submit the Evaluation Rough Draft
Complete the rough draft for the evaluation essay. This completed draft should be a minimum of 3 full pages long. Before you submit the draft for instructor review and peer review, take a few minutes to review it yourself, considering the following:
Revisit your purpose and audience: Look over your planning responses from Module 5, then reread your essay carefully. Does your essay fulfill its purpose? Does it meet the audience’s needs and answer their questions, or are there sections that need to be refocused or further developed?
Review your thesis and supporting points: Does the draft have a clear thesis? Does the draft support and develop the thesis through its supporting points? Do any of the supporting points need to be explained more or less fully?
Analyze your organization: What kind of organizational plan is used in your essay? Is the information in your essay presented in the most useful, understandable order? Is there anything that should be moved, added, or deleted?
Scan your paragraphs: Does your essay have extremely long paragraphs, taking up an entire page? If so, read through those paragraphs and see if they should be broken into smaller paragraphs. Remember, a paragraph should focus on one topic. When the focus of the writing shifts, then it is time to begin a new paragraph. On the other hand, if you look through your essay and see very short paragraphs, such as paragraphs with 1-3 sentences, then you may want to consider whether those paragraphs need to be developed more with explanations and examples. For more on paragraphing, please visit the Purdue OWL’s paragraph page.
Check your tone: How does your voice come across in the draft–serious, humorous, satiric, persuasive, deeply committed, objective? Is the tone appropriate for the topic and audience? Is the tone consistent throughout the essay?
Consider your introduction and conclusion: Does the opening effectively introduce the subject and catch the reader’s attention? Does the essay conclude in a memorable way that provides a sense of closure? Or does it end abruptly or trail off into vagueness?


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