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Case 1 (The Best of Intentions) has officially been assigned this week and you should be working diligently on it. You should be using your textbook for guidance with respect to identifying the major issues in the case, but you need to dig deep into the journal literature to find support for your discussion of the issues and your recommendations regarding the case. In addition to the practical things that could be done to suggest Cynthia what she should do? Don’t forget to consider the role of diversity in your analysis and recommendations.The complete instructions for cases can be found in assignment module.
You can include a cover page within each document, but it is not required. Please use 12-point Times New Romanfont, 1-inch margins, and double-space your assignments. NOTE: References are very important to quality case analysis. The more references you use, the better. You should use as many as you need in order to back up all of your ideas, thereby creating a stronger analysis. Some references are better than others. I frown upon the use of internet websites as references and rarely give credit for them!!!With most websites, anyone can post anything they want on the website and no review process is utilized.With peer-reviewed journal articles, a strict review process is implemented in order to make sure that onlythe most useful and factual information is printed. Some journals implement a stricter process than others,so some journals are considered to be better than others (there are A-level, B-level, and C-level journals).I have provided a list of journals that are considered to be very good journals in the field (in case assignment tab). You should try to use articles from some of the highest-ranked journals in your assignments. You should use the textbook for guidance and cite it when you use information from it. However, it does NOT count as an outside reference since you are expected to read it for the class and I want you to be seeking information from other sources. Stretching above and beyond the “required” readings for the course is what graduate school education is all about. Specifically, I would like you to findand use as much empirical evidence (findings from actual research studies…which you find in many journal articles) as possible. Books are acceptable, but try to use more empirical articles than books. Withrespect to APA formatting, I am only concerned with your formatting with respect to in-text citations (references) and your reference page. You do not have to provide an abstract, use headings in a certain way, or anything else that the guidelines I gave you state. Just use the guidelines for your references.
You may or may not agree with Cynthia Mitchell’s decision to place Steve Ripley at a position where his downfall was certain not because of his job-ability fit or performance? Analyze what should Cynthia Mitchell do? Should she terminate Steve because of his performance results etc.? Should she have placed him in this position to begin with? In this “Analysis” section, discuss as many important OB related issues you think are or could be related with the issue. For example, if there’s a discrimination of any kind,how does it affect the organizational culture? What is the level of ethical decision- making required when managers’ fiduciary obligations requires them to make decisions that violate their own personal ethics. Also, make sure that you include as much reference support as possible in order to back up your discussion. In a separate section entitled “Recommendations”, I would also like you to recommend some other things that the Frank and Cynthia could have done for Steve to be successful as a representative. What should be done to manage demographic and cultural diversity? Be thorough in yourdiscussion and provide reference support for your recommendations. Include the full citations for all of your references on your Reference page at the end of your analysis, following the APA Guidelines that I provided you in Doc Sharing


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