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For this assignment, you will write a short (3-5 page) Personal Narrative Essay. The purpose of this assignment is to begin working with general writing skills and to familiarize you with correct paper formatting.
“The Chase” by Annie Dillard
“Fourth of July” by Audrey Lorde
“Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris
Formulate and express information and ideas in a variety of written forms and rhetorical patterns, demonstrating a clear purpose, focus, thesis, organization, and consideration of the audience.
A Personal Narrative is a true story about an event in your life that changed or influenced you in some way. The essay will likely encapsulate only a short period of time (probably less than one day). While this essay will be written in your natural writing voice, the essay should be proofread for grammar and mechanics. You will need to include correctly formatted dialogue that advances the story in some way. It will be essential that your Personal Narrative include some sort of closing “reflection” that indicates how the event (or events) portrayed in the narrative influenced you. Your essay does not need to follow the same style or pattern of the mentor texts listed above; rather, you should think of the mentor texts as general references.
MLA Format
5 – Header, double spacing, correct indentations.
4 – Minor errors (1-2 errors)
3 – Significant errors (3-5 errors)
2 – Errors and inconsistencies throughout (5+)
0 – Errors throughout.
10 – Free of errors of grammar and spelling.
8 – Minor errors (2-3)
6 – Significant errors (3-5 errors)
4 – Errors and inconsistencies throughout (5+)
0 – Errors throughout.
Story Arc
15 – Essay follows a clear narrative arc with rising action, climax and conclusion.
13 – Essay follows the narrative arc reasonably well.
11 – Essay is occasionally confusing to follow.
9 – Story arc is difficult to identify and/or the story seems to have no clear direction or arc.
0 – There appears to be no arc.
5 – Essay makes use of dialogue to help advance the story and provide context.
4 – Essay uses dialogue occasionally to advance the story.
3 – Dialogue is included but does not advance the story or provide context.
2 – Dialogue is used inconsistently.
0 – Dialogue is missing.
15 – Essay includes a reflection that clearly conveys the author’s experience and how the event(s) impacted the author.
13 – Reflection is present but seems to be cursory or incomplete.
11 – Reflection does not indicate how the event(s) affected the author.
9 – Reflection is too brief.
0 – Reflection is missing.


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