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Project: How to secure IOT devices.
Project  Proposal:
Describe in 2-3 sentences (a short paragraph) the project proposal that contains the following:
Introduction      and description of your selected business environment
Problem      to be Addressed
This section should include a short summary of the issues addressed by the project, the approach used, the lessons learned, and recommendations.
1.1 Description of Organization (Template guide: Do not identify the name specific name of your organization)
Clearly and concisely describe the organization that is the focus of your paper. You should use an anonymous name for the organization and describe it as best as possible using at least the following attributes:
1.1.1  Evolution of the organization (history)
1.1.2  Core Functions
1.1.3  Enabling Technologies
1.2 Business Problem 
Describe the business problem that is being faced or perceived by the organization you work for or are studying. Identify what parts of the organization are affected by the problem and what benefits might be gained by the resolution of the problem. Do not present solutions here; just describe what the problem is, its affects, and how a solution to it will improve the situation.
1.3 Supporting Research (Template guide: You must include a minimum of 3 sources)
In this section, present information about the extent to which this type of problem affects other companies. Determine whether this is perceived as a larger problem that affects companies providing similar products or services. 
Section 2
2.1 Organizational Impact
In this section discuss how the overall impact of the problem on this organization. 
2.2 Key Stakeholders (Template guide: Identify roles of the organization affected by the problem – do not name the individuals) 
In this section, describe the effects of the problem on the employees and/or customers. If there are financial or operational implications, discuss them here. This section may require you to interview someone in the organization that is directly affected by the problem, or someone who has been given responsibility to address the problem.
Section 3
3.1 Potential Solutions (Template guide You may use a table to show how you evaluated your options)
There is usually more than one way to address a problem. However, the results and risks vary with each proposed solution. Investigate possible solutions by using the online library or interviewing people given the responsibility to resolve the problem. 
3.2 Previous Attempts to Solve Problem (if applicable)
In this section describe any previous attempts the organization has made to resolve this problem. Describe the success or failure of these attempts. Analyze why these attempts may have or have not worked.
Recommended Solution
In this section describe the solution you are proposing and the rationale you have from making this recommendation. If there is evidence of this solution being used to solve similar problems that you have found in articles, cite them here. Identify the resources needed to implement this solution (people, technology, financial).


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